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A working group for the creation of a virtual season of the Sunbow GI Joe Cartoon and storyline continuity. Current Project: "(Sunbow) G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero: Virtual Season 3". Project still in need of: *Fanfic writers* : To write text-"episodes". To join staff as one, please submit at least 3 full pages of a virtual episode you'd like to create, Microsoft Word/Open Office/Libre Office work best (12 pt. font), and a detailed summary of the rest of the episode. Submit this and any other detailed summaries of other episodes you have in mind, and send it all to the Group Owner. We'll look them over and add you to the group. *Fan-artists* : To draw "screen stills" from the written-episodes. To join staff as one, please submit some sample art, done in the style of the Sunbow cartoon, such as a team shot for the credits, or else a character picture.  Assorted graphics and banners for use on the sites would also be helpful.  Send any of this art to the Group Owner, We'll look it over, and add you. *Promo-video maker* : Someone fluent in making videos for the web, so we can put all this into a visual format.  Making some videos to promote the project would be helpful too. Voice Talent: People able to lend voices to an audio track for any videos produced. Recruiters: Seeking out and contacting people who can do the things listed above would be very helpful.
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